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Every man, woman and child in New Jersey would need to pop open a 33g CO2 cartridge per day to keep up with one oil refinery in terms of CO2 output. Repeated use of CO2 cartridges for beverages, medical or safety applications will not affect the atmosphere. Big oil does.

CO2 FACTS: An average inflatable life jacket (PFD) has one 33g CO2 filled cartridge in it. A seltzer bottle uses 8g of Co2 to make 1 liter of water fizzy, similar for most soda too.
A SINGLE gasoline cracking (manufacturing) facility in California lets out over 4.8 million metric tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

4.8 million metric tons = 10,598,400,000 pounds of CO2 per year that would fill 779,294,117 of the 33g CO2 cartridges per year = 2,135,052 cylinders per day = 88,960 cartridges per hour = 1482 cartridges per minute.

Conclusion: Big oil is letting out CO2 by the ton every minute. Do you know how much CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere to make a gallon of gasoline? That number seems very hard to find and the links below are one step closer to finding out. What you will read is that is that your car puts out a whopping 19
pounds of CO2 per gallon of gasoline burned. In fact, you put out a couple pounds a day just breathing. Al Gore was ahead of his time and had the moxy to point it out to everyone: We are addicted to oil and the government and big oil know it.

Think about our lifestyle...it needs to change.




These links are here because we figured you would not believe us.


Using CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) for tire inflation is not new. In fact, it was first thought to be used back in the late 1920�s when a young ambitious engineer brought it to the attention of Henry Ford. Apparently air compressors were hard to come by and tires with tubes were just coming of age at that time. It seemed like a good idea�



The engineer rolled in a 20 pound steel tank filled with CO2 (with no pressure regulator) and demonstrated to Mr. Ford  how to blow up a tire. The tire ruptured due to over pressurization and ringing in the engineers head may have been due to Mr. Fords hand upon his head. Great inflation idea, but no regulator, bad idea.

But CO2 is actually not the best inflation gas. Airplanes and racing car tires use N2 (Nitrogen) because the molecule is bigger compared to CO2. Actually, the best gas to use is SF6 (Sulfur hexafluoride) as it is a huge molecule and doesn�t �sneak� out of rubber like CO2 does.

However, the US EPA doesn�t want MaximumInfaltion.com selling disposable cartridges filled with SF6! They say it is more of a greenhouse gas than CO2 is. More news on that soon.

We would like to hear your comments and views about these topics. If enough people write in, we�ll kick off a blog.


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