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CO2 Cartridges and Re-arming Kits for Inflatables

Supplying the fighting forces has been our tradition since 1965. Critical mission components are on every “no-go” list in the military. You can’t send a fighter pilot out on a mission without a properly re-armed PFD. If it’s not ready, that is a “no-go item and the mission can not begin until you can clear the “no-go” status. Leland places PFD cartridges around the world every day.

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Photos courtesy of US DOD.
LSC #497-OCG

Triton Harness w/Integrated Flotation Vest with USCG Markings

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder, p/n 85202Z

LSC #487-B

Tri-Sar, US Navy - Aviation, Includes harness and black vest with US Navy pocket configuration

NSN 4240-01-517-5062 (M)
NSN 4240-01-517-5061 (L)
NSN 4240-01-517-5064 (XL)
NSN 4240-01-517-5065 (XX)
Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder, p/n 85202Z
LSC #482 Inflatable SAR Vest (LPU-28A/P)

Compact, lightweight, over-the-head, rescue swimmer inflatable. This vest incorporates all currently approved changes to the US Navy LPU-28A/P Rescue Swimmer Vest including PRC-125 Modification.

Approved by the US Navy for all Navy Rescue Swimmers. NSN 4240-01-463-0197

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder, p/n 85202Z

The US Navy uses one (1) 29 gram CO2. Call for details and ask for p/n 25369IIPRF.

LSC #338 - Stearns # I014YEL-00-000

Man Overboard Inflatable Life Ring

NSN 4220-01-252-0500

Uses three (3) 16 gram CO2 Cylinders, three (3) water sensing elements (bobbins)  and three (3) red safety clips.

LSC #486  Inflatable Rescue Swimmer Vest and Harness

NSN 4220-01-542-6814


LSC #486-CG - Same as above except with CG Markings


Uses a 33 gram CO2 cylinder, p/n 85202Z and a red safety/lock pin.

Osprey Low Profile Flotation Collars (LPFC)

LSC #742 LPFC, Standard Buoyancy - 50 lbs.

Uses two (2) 25 gram CO2 cylinders Leland P/N 84121Z

LSC #740 LPFC, High Buoyancy - 70 lbs.

Uses two (2) 33 gram CO2 cylinders Leland P/N 85202Z

LSC #348-NAV Abandon Ship LP - USCG Approved

NSN 4220-01-487-2932

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 cylinder, Rearm Kit #840AMU-85202Z

LSC #481 Pro Lite Vest
Manual Inflation

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder Leland P/N 85202Z. Also uses one (1) red safety/lock pin.

LSC #481-CGM

Uses one (1) 33 gram CO2 Cylinder Leland P/N 85202Z. Also uses one (1) red safety/lock pin.


LSC #489 Pro Vest

Manual Inflation

Uses two (2) 16 gram CO2 cylinders Leland P/N 82122Z. Also uses two (2) red safety/lock pin.

TFSS-5326 Tactical Flotation Support System

Manual Inflation

Uses two (2) 38 gram CO2 cylinders. Leland P/N 86121Z, NSN 4220-01-524-5315


Specification Type No. Nominal CO2 (g) Leland P/N Case Alt Avail NSN Notes
MIL-C-601 I 8 80121 532 yes 4220-00-287-3740  
MIL-C-602 II 12 81121 532 yes 4220-00-805-8383  
MIL-C-603 III 16 82122 374 yes 4220-00-458-9240  
MIL-C-25369 I 26 25369I 104 yes 4220-00-372-0585  
MIL-C-25369 I 19 26369I17-24 104 no 4220-00-106-6212  
MIL-C-25369 II 19 25369II19 165 no 4220-21-807-0878 Same as Type II except 19g CO2
MIL-C-25369 II 25 25369II25 165 no 4220-21-807-0879 Same as Type II except 25g CO2
MIL-C-25369 II 29 25369II 165 yes 4220-00-543-6693  
MIL-C-25369 II 29 25369IIFC 165 yes 4220-21-898-0382 Same as Type II except flat cap
MIL-C-25369 III 35 25369III 104 yes 4220-00-077-8773  
MIL-C-25369 III 35 25369IIIFC 104 yes 4220-00-903-1991 Same as Type III except flat cap
MIL-C-25369 III 35 25369III 104 yes 4220-00-077-8773  
MIL-PRF-25369 I 26 25369IPRF 104 yes 4220-00-372-0585  
MIL-PRF-25369 II 29 25369IIPRF 165 yes 4220-00-543-6693  
MIL-PRF-25369 III 35 25369IIIPRF 104 yes 4220-00-077-8773  
MIL-C-52053 2oz 59 52053CO2 63 yes 4220-00-837-3322  
MIL-C-52053 N2 8.7g N2 52053N21500 63 no 1240-01-178-5118 1500 PSI Charge N2
MIL-C-52053 N2 17.2g N2 52053N2 63 no Advise 3000 PSI Charge N2
MIL-C-16385 I 19 16385I 104 no 4220-00-965-0595 NON MAGNETIC**
MIL-C-16385 II 32 16385II 104 no 4220-00-287-3741 NON MAGNETIC**
Leland/ASTM   12g 42225 225 yes 4220-01-077-7301 12g for Airguns, Training mines
Leland/UL1191/USCG   24g 84204Z 165 no 4220-01-487-2878 1/2"-24UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   25g 84121Z 165 no 4220-01-228-5646 3/8"-24UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   33g 85202Z 165 no 4220-99-255-1101 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   35g 85202 104 no 4220-01-541-9252 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   38g 86121Z 104 no 4220-01-524-5315 3/8"-24UNF Threaded neck
Leland/UL1191/USCG   68g 87204Z 63 no 4220-12-156-1331 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck
Leland/DOT   250g 89250 20 no 6830-01-460-1549 1/2"-20UNF Threaded neck

**User must verify status of every "NON-MAGNETIC" cartridge prior to use.





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