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Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and Commercial Fisherman:

Preconceptions and Evaluations in Actual Use. >> Read


Take your inflatable life jacket with you on the airplane!

The TSA allows for this in their most recently revised document. >> Read


Inflatable Life Rafts - Spotlight on Inflation Technology

All rafts need an inflation system and at some point they�ll need to be serviced.   >> Read

Safety first for 'Deadliest Catch' captain !

Capt. Keith Colburn is the first to point out the dangers of commercial crab fishing on the Bering Sea. But he says it's the dangers of his job that make him so vigilant about safety. >> Read

Innovations Abound!
Patented Safety Cap prevents injury for users of CO2 cartridges for paintball and other uses. >> Read
SF6 Gas Blend Keeps Tires Inflated Longer!

A new blend of gases which incorporate the use of SF6 have found to keep tires inflated to +/- 1psi for up to 4 months. Trials by US Olympic hopefuls are due to be completed next spring. To obtain samples of our 100g SF6 cartridge with 3/8" threads, please contact us.   >> Contact

Bass Pro Anglers Save $

A recent accord with Bass Pro Shops across the USA and maximumInflation.com means a substantial savings when buying inflation or strobe light products off this site... please contact us for details.>>Contact



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